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Inglés Americano para los Hispano Parlantes: Programa de Auto Estudio
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Un sistema no tradicional de enseñanza de inglés, desarrollado para responder a la necesidad de aprender en forma personalizada efectiva, rapida y flexible. El curso se basa en las últimas técnicas de adquisición de idioma.
  • El Programa se basa en la filosofia de aprender un idioma en forma agradable. Se ha diseñado para producir resultados rápidos - hablando y con inglés en situaciones prácticas. Se ocupa de asuntos y de realidades hispánicas.
  • Hay 4 niveles de básico, intermedio 1, intermedio 2 y avanzado. Cada nivel consiste de 20 unidades y los 4 niveles se pueden terminar en 120 horas. Cada nivel viene con una guía de estudio, 1 libre en inglés, 1 libro en español e inglés y 2 audio CDs.
  • Precio: $80.00 (cada nivel). Special Limited Time Offer! Buy 2 or more levels and pay only $49.95 for each level! ¡Compra ahora!

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Pronunciation Power Pronunciation Power
Pronunciation Power CD's deliver a powerful and interactive learning experience that will quickly and accurately improve your English speaking skills and reduce your accent. Developed in cooperation with specialized language teachers and professional linguists, this highly acclaimed software products teach you how to speak effective English.

Pronunciation Power 2, the original award winning flagship product, is now used and recommended by over 4000 universities, colleges, businesses and schools worldwide.

Results guaranteed or your money refunded.

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Pronunciation Power 1

Pronunciation Power

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Translation in 12 Languages. Pronunciation Power 1 is the Ultimate in New English Language Learning Technology for Beginner to Intermediate Learners.
  • PP-1 guarantees it will teach you the 52 sounds needed to speak English
  • 16 different interactive modules reinforce your learning progress
  • Each teaching module provides you with over 100+ hours of training
  • Includes our new 8-in-1 English Dictionary at no additional charge
  • PP-1 is easily the most comprehensive English learning-system available on the market today, but priced so that everyone can afford to buy.
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Product of English Computerized Learning, Inc. (ECL)
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Pronunciation Power 2

Pronunciation Power

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Pronunciation Power 2 is an interactive and user-friendly yet sophisticated learning tool. Designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages, Pronunciation Power 2 contains over 20 hours of professional-level instruction!
  • Learn the 52 sounds necessary to successfully speak perfect English.
  • Compare your voice to the instructor's voice using our advanced waveform comparison technology.
  • See exactly how proper English sounds are made. A moving animated side view of the mouth and tongue plus a front view video of the instructor's mouth show you exactly how to form proper English sounds.
  • Advance your listening ability with 650 different sentence exercises.
  • Practice your pronunciation through interactive and exciting exercises including: 780 selected English words chosen to demonstrate the 52 sounds; 1040 comparative English words to identify sound differences; 520 different sentences to fully practice your acquired English skills.
Product of English Computerized Learning, Inc. (ECL)
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8in1 English Dictionary

8in1 English Dictionary

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The ONLY Pronunciation Dictionary

  • 1700+ Pictures & Illustrations
  • Search by Phonic Sounds
  • Search by Text
  • List by Nouns
  • List by Verbs
  • List by Themes
  • Translation in 12 Languages
  • Listen / Record & Playback
  • Practice with over 7000 words ( 3300 words + verb conjugations and noun plurals)
Buy Now! Product of English Computerized Learning, Inc. (ECL)
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